President’s Message

The Greek Community of Oshawa and District

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to welcome all the families in our Community to our new website. The goal of this website is to have a fresh new look and use this opportunity of technology to showcase where we've been, where we are and where we are going.  Let's face it . . . whether young or old - we are a society rich in technological advancement and we as a Community need to utilize it to our fullest capacity.  One of the easiest ways to communicate is to provide information electronically and digitally so that we can go viral in the snap of a finger.  In our new website we can make changes instantly.  It is designed to be an active tool of communication and I want all of you to feel free to forward any items that you would like to share . . . photos, literature, concerns, ideas and information.

I would  especially like to reach out with a focus on VOLUNTEERS and those interested in getting more involved in "OUR" Greek Community.  You are the backbone of our Community to impart the changes necessary to be the strong and united group that we are.  We have had lots of patience . . . NOW we need lots of participation.

Without the use St. Mary's church hall, we have been absent at Fiesta for the past couple of years.  I am sure that it leaves a lot of questions and doubt in the minds and hearts our Members.  We need to stay together now more than ever.  By doing this, rather than focus on the problems . . . we can work on the solutions so that we all can benefit for generations to come.  The biggest solution at hand is to start construction on the Community Centre.

As you are aware, slow but steady progress is being made to build a Community Centre to meet our Community’s growing needs.  Keep in mind that Board members are volunteers and do not get paid to advance the needs, wishes and desires of the Community.  Many hours have been committed to not only advance activity with construction but also to arrange things like dances, Greek School, scholarships and a host of other things, not the least of which is the continuing desire to see the building begin.  Paperwork, research, permits, licenses, approvals etc . . . all take time.

I would like also to acknowledge the Board of Directors and thank them personally for the help and expertise that each of them bring to our Community Board.   I look forward to working with my team as we deal with current and future challenges to see the dreams of our Founding Fathers become a reality.

In addition I strongly encourage younger members of our community to get actively involved.  You are our future and we need your active participation.

Please take the time to review everything on this website.  It is designed with you in mind. “The Community should be an inspiration to all of us and we are working hard on your behalf to ensure not only that it  is . . . but that it continues to be so.

George Tsagrinos
President of The Greek Community of Oshawa & District